Today, we will watch the early Amrapali. Yes, the time when Amrapali Dubey was working in TV serials. We are talking for the serial ‘Saat Phere’.

Amrapali was more young at that time. But, her acting talent was the same. It means she has got this talent by birth. So, without waiting let’s watch one episode of Saat Phere.

Amrapali Dubey in Saat Phere


6 thoughts on “Watch Amrapali Dubey in Saat Phere

  1. Hello amrapali maim my self DHANESH KUMAR from Lucknow up and I’m your biggest fan mujhe aapki voice bahut achhi lgti h aapko pta h maim aapki voice bilkul koyal jaisi sweet voice h

  2. आपका सपनो का राजकुमार आपको लेने आ चुका है जिसका नाम है दिनेश लाल यादव निरहुआ जो सिर्फ आपके लिए बना है ।

  3. Mam aapke saare tv serials dekhe hai maine aap mujhe palkon ki chhaon mei bahut achhi lagi

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