Another song from the movie “Lagal Raha Batasha” is on the floor now. it’s a sad song filmed on Manoj Singh Tiger and Amrapali Dubey. The title of the song is “Jiyate Je Jaan Le Le Pyar Ooh Bimari Ha”.

The Sensation “Amrapali Dubey” makes the song special for every Bhojpuri lovers. Then, Let’s watch the song…

Amrapali Dubey And Batasha Chacha Together

5 thoughts on “जियते जी जान ले ले प्यार उ बीमारी बा विडीओ सॉंग

  1. Aap mujhse achchhi lagti hai.
    Aapki her stainless mujhe achchhi lagti hai.

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